Is a Short Backswing in Golf Better?

While there are certainly exceptions to almost every rule, one of the most solid pieces of golf swing advice that I can give the average player isĀ  to shorten your backswing. Why is a short backswing in golf better? In this article, we are going to examine 3 reasons why stopping your backswing short of parallel can actually benefit your golf game substantially.


First and foremost, you are going to get more control by shortening your backswing. When you swing the golf club past parallel, you are introducing a myriad of swing flaws that can all be eliminated by keeping the swing short of parallel. Some common swing flaws that occur from a long backswing could include:

-wrist breakdown

-left arm bending excessively

-shoulders & hips becoming out of sync with each other

-raising of the spine angle

All of these flaws can dramatically affect the quality of shots that you hit during a round of golf. If you want to gain more control in your golf swing, then make your backswing shorter.


The second reason why a short backswing in golf is better has to do with an increase in overall distance. It seems counter-intuitive that a shorter backswing will produce longer golf shots, but that is precisely what happens with the average player.

When your backswing is too long, you expend a great amount of energy at the start of the downswing. However, with a shorter backswing you are able to transfer all of your energy precisely to the moment of truth: the impact zone.


Shortening your backswing will enable you to avoid many back problems that are common to golfers. Many men and women find it difficult to play golf as they age, because of back issues (often caused by a lifetime of over-swinging the golf club).

If you want to increase your years on the golf course, then shortening your backswing is a good change that you can start working on today.

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