How to Keep Your Right Elbow in During the Golf Swing

While there is an exception to every rule, most golfers who do not keep their right elbow in throughout the golf swing struggle. Whether you experience excessive separation between your hands and elbow in the backswing, have a flying elbow at the top of the backswing, or chicken-wing the ball through impact, it is very difficult to play consistent golf without having your right elbow in the correct positions throughout the golf swing.

While there are thousands of golf instructors out there with varying philosophies, one teaching philosophy that is agreed upon universally is the need to keep the right elbow close to the body throughout the golf swing. In this article, we are going to cover a few basic tips that you can use to do that, and I will recommend a tool that many golfers (myself included) are using to keep the right elbow positioned correctly throughout the swing, as well as create more lag and consistent ball striking.

Relax at address

If you want to keep your right elbow tucked in properly during the golf swing, then it makes logical sense to start from the correct position. When you setup to the golf ball, both of your elbows should be relaxed, and close to your body. In addition, there should be a fist-width of room between your midsection and the butt-end of the golf club. This ensures that you are relaxed, but still in an effective position to approach the ball with tremendous power in the downswing.

The left arm and the right elbow

I know you have heard this tip 1,000 times; keep your left arm straight (not rigid, just nearly straight). While that is great advice in theory, where it really helps is with regards to the right elbow. If your left arm bends excessively throughout the golf swing, then it becomes very difficult to keep your right elbow glued to your side. It’s kind of like patting yourself on the head and rubbing your tummy at the same time; it’s not easy!

Since the golf swing is a series of movements, where one move can be the catalyst for a chain reaction, it is important to focus not only on keeping the right elbow in during the golf swing, but also make sure to focus on other aspects of the swing that may be tied to the right elbow (keeping your left arm straight or nearly straight is a perfect example).

Rotate on your axis

Your body essentially serves as an axis throughout the golf swing, and when you make proper rotation a focal point of your golf swing, it tends to keep the right elbow where it needs to be. Often times a flying right elbow is caused by swaying in the backswing. When you sway instead of turning properly in the backswing, it leads to a myriad of problems.

One tip that has helped me learn how to rotate around my axis is crossing my arms over my chest, and simply turning back, and then turning through all the way to the finish position. While this drill is simple and straight forward, it can help you have a better understanding of how to rotate your body properly throughout the golf swing.

Highly recommended

If you want to stop a flying right elbow, and keep your elbow tucked in throughout the golf swing, then there is a great training aid that you need to try. It is called the Swingyde Golf Swing Training Aid, and you can visit by clicking the image below and read some of the awesome customer reviews.

I hope that you take all of the above advice to the range next time you decide to play a round of golf. Keeping the right elbow in during the golf swing is very important, from the address position all the way through impact. Practice the above tips, and you will be well on your way to creating a reliable, repeatable golf swing!

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