How to Hit Crisp Iron Shots: 3 Tips for Better Iron Play

While it might be just a bit of an exaggeration to suggest that any golfer can hit crisp iron shots every time, there are a few iron play fundamentals that you can start practicing today in order to hit better iron shots more consistently. If you are frustrated with your lack of consistent iron play, and want to hit better shots, hit more greens in regulation, and ultimately shoot lower scores then follow the tips listed below.

It all starts with the setup position

Posture, alignment, and ball position are crucial factors that must be in order before you even begin your golf swing.

  • To get the right posture in your golf swing which will lead to a crisp, consistent strike with the irons it is important to keep your back straight, flex your knees, and bend at the hips. This posture will allow you to rotate your body around a fixed axis (your spine) Which will lead to more solid contact, including less fat & thin shots.
  • Alignment is another critical issue to ensure that you hit quality iron shots. Think about it, how effective would a hunter be if he did not know where he was aiming? The same applies with regards to the golf swing. If you want to hit your irons better, then you must setup properly and make sure that you are aimed at the target. This is an important component both physically and psychologically.
  • Ball position is another crucial issue. What I would suggest you do is to play short irons (8-pw) in the middle of your stance, and then move the ball forward one inch for your mid irons, another inch forward for your long irons, and then play your fairway woods & driver opposite your front heel. Some people advocate playing every shot with the same ball position (this is recommended by the Simple Golf Swing System), but I personally feel more comfortable placing the ball where the club naturally bottoms out, and that is a different position for longer clubs than shorter clubs.

Establish a Consistent Tempo

Many golfers roll there eyes when they hear the words “tempo” or “rhythm”. In fact, I’ve had one golfer in particular tell me before that telling someone they need to improve the tempo of their golf swing in order to hit crisp iron shots is a “cop out”. Nothing could be further from the truth! If you want to establish a consistent, repeatable golf swing and hit more consistent iron shots then it is crucial that you swing with a consistent tempo.

The best way to establish a consistent rhythm in your golf swing is to practice a simple “1, 2” approach. To do this, you simply count “one” in your backswing, and “two” on your downswing. While this sounds simple and even elementary, it is a very powerful method to ensure that you swing within yourself and avoid over swinging.

Grip pressure & release

Too many golfers try to “steer” the ball through the impact position, which usually happens when the grip pressure is too tight. In order to hit crisp iron shots, you need to be able to swing (not steer) the club freely through the impact zone, which will cause the clubface to “turn over” after impact and release properly. All professional golfers have this move, and it is very important if you want to continually hit iron shots in the sweet spot of the clubface.

Next time you go practice, make sure to practice these specific fundamentals so that you can start hitting better iron shots every time you play. Trust me, they work and will help you improve your iron play, hit crisper shots, and shoot lower golf scores.




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