How to Get a Wider Swing Arc in Your Golf Swing

If you surveyed 1,000 recreational golfers around the world, there is little doubt that over 90% of them would be interested in getting more distance off of the tee, as well as with their irons. After all, chicks dig the long ball! You may or may not know that one of the keys to hitting longer & more consistent golf shots is to increase the width of your swing arc.

Here at Golfing for Birdies, we are going to share with you few tips & show you exactly how to get a wider swing arc in your golf swing and start hitting longer drives & iron shots.

Tip #1: It starts with your stance

Many amateur golfers simply do not realize how important the stance really is to establishing proper width in the golf swing. If you’re stance is too wide then you are going to be rigid (and thus any width created will do you no good), and if your stance is too narrow then you will be off balance, and not be able to create a wide swing arc.

Ideally, your feet should be shoulder width apart, and you should be setup in an athletic position. What I like to tell people is to think like a shortstop when you setup to the golf ball, or pretend that a pretty girl is watching you. You do not want to be hunched over in a “weak” position, but instead you want to setup to the golf ball like an athlete.

Tip #2: For a wider swing arc, take the club away slow and low to the ground

To create a wider swing arc and start hitting the golf ball further, you need to take the club away slowly, and make sure that the clubhead stays low to the ground for the first 8-12 inches of the backswing. One of the main reasons many golfers have a backswing that is too narrow is because they pick the club up when they are taking it back, and as a result too much weight remains on their left side, resulting in the inability to create a wide takeaway.

If you start your takeaway slow and low to the ground, then when the club reaches hip high the toe of the club will be pointing to the sky, and your arms will be extended in a comfortable manner.

Tip #3: Focus on shoulder turn, not the length of your golf swing

There are a lot of golfers that start the backswing correctly, but then try to get the club all the way to parallel at the top. If you are flexible this may not be a problem, but for many golfers (myself included), trying to make a big backswing actually backfires because you lose the width at the top of your golf swing by collapsing your hands. This leads to inconsistency & poor ball striking, and should be avoided.

To create a truly wide arc & get the most power out of your golf swing, you need to focus on turning your shoulders 90 degrees from the target line, and not worry so much as to where your arms are. When my shoulders are fully turned for example, the club is basically 3/4 of the way to the top. However, based on flexibility limitations if I were to try & take the club all the way to the top, I would lose some of the wide swing arc I had created in the backswing.

Creating a wider swing arc is important if you want to increase both your distance and accuracy. This article gives you three great tips to show you how to get a wider swing arc with both your driver and irons. So take these tips, go to the driving range, and get started improving your distance, ball striking, and ultimately shoot lower scores.

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