Who Else Wants a Golf Simulator? 10 Reasons to Buy One Today!

Bogolf.com simulatorIt’s 9:00 AM on a Saturday morning. You’ve got the day off from work, and are looking forward to a round of golf with your buddies. You go fix your coffee, check on the kids (or the dog), and then right when you get ready to load up your clubs you hear the rumble that no golfer likes to hear…thunder.

Fast forward 30 minutes and you’re sitting in your living room, while a storm has wiped out your day of golf. All of a sudden, before you know it, your cleaning out the attic instead of playing golf…what a way to spend a Saturday.

If that sounds terrible to you…then keep reading. We are going to solve your problem.

While it’s true that you can’t control the weather, there is one thing that you can do that will allow you to play golf, have fun, and do it on your own time (regardless of the weather).

The answer?

It’s simple. Purchase a golf simulator for your home or office.

Why Buying a Golf Simulator is like Heaven for Any Avid Golfer

Everyone seems to be bragging about golf simulators, and any avid golfer would love to have one. However, very few people actually know all of the benefits of having a golf simulator in your home or office. Sure you can hit golf balls inside your house (and that’s cool), but there is so much more to owning a golf simulator.

On the flipside, there are also many misconceptions about golf simulators. In fact, one of the primary misconceptions is that golf simulators are for kids, and do not provide any real feedback that golfers can utilize to improve their golf swing, and lower their scores.

Most of the time, these individuals have never really played on any REAL golf simulator, or have only played some golf simulator game on a computer, which is not AT ALL comparable to the real thing on any level.

The 10 Reasons Every Serious Golfer Must Own a Golf Simulator

I have been working with a golf simulator company for the last 3 years and would like to share my knowledge with others who are interested in knowing about simulators, their functionality, and how they can provide real, tangible fun, excitement, and value to golfers of all skill levels.

A golf simulator is an advanced system used to play golf exactly as one would play on a real golf course using real golf clubs and balls. The components of a golf simulator typically consistent of a computer, simulator software, projector, projection screen and cameras/infrared sensors.

Let us move to our real topic…which is why you need to consider buying a golf simulator.

1) Play indoors: The golf simulator setup is usually done indoors in a small room or preferably in a garage and hence it allows you to play golf without having to leave your house! This allows you to play golf whenever you get any free time at home (and think about the money you’ll save on greens and cart fees)! Problem solved.

2) Weather proof: No matter where you live, there will always be days (or even months) where playing golf outdoors isn’t an option due to bad weather. Having an indoor setup means you no longer need to worry about the weather ruining your game. Problem solved.

3) Time Saver: Like I mentioned earlier, walking across the house to hit balls is a lot easier than getting your clubs, getting in the car, driving 20 minutes to the golf course, paying for range balls, etc. Golf simulators are hassle free and a huge time saver. Problem solved.

4) Game Improvement: Many people improve their games drastically using golf simulators. After practicing on simulators, they were more comfortable and able to perform better on real golf courses. Problem solved.

5) Game analysis: Your golf simulator will improve your golf game by taking advantage of modern technology. Some of the common features are a video swing analyzer, 9 ball path analysis, as well as swing path and club face slow motion replay. This feedback is invaluable to finding the problems in your golf swing, and working hard to remedy them! Problem solved.

6) Number of players: Why limit yourself to a foursome? Our golf simulator technology allows up to eight players in a single game! Not only can you work on your golf game all of the time, a golf simulator is great for entertaining friends and family, guests, colleagues, and even impressing business clients. Problem solved.

7) Number of golf courses: In real life, it costs a fortune to play a variety of golf courses. With our software, you can have access to many of the popular golf courses around the world, without the astronomical expense associated with visiting each one. Problem solved.

8) Online game play: Compete in online competitions against other golfers in our network. This is a great way to not only improve your game, but increase your experience playing golf in a highly competitive environment. Problem solved.

9) Budget friendly: Some of the club memberships would cost you more than the price of the golf simulator. While high-quality golf simulators are not cheap, when you think about how much money you spend each year playing and practice, you’ll realize what a tremendous value they really offer.

10) Complete entertainment: If you have the whole setup with a projector and screen, then your simulator can also be used for other entertainment purposes, such as using your setup as a home theatre with surround sound. It can also be used for playing other games and for small meetings and conferences.

So, Are You Ready to Improve Your Game, or Clean the Attic Again Next Time it Rains?

For more information on golf simulators, and to find a variety of models to choose from, visit BOGolf.com. BOGolf is one of the leading golf simulator companies in the world, offering models for players of all abilities and skills levels. I encourage you to visit their website, and read about the products they have to offer. All you have to do is contact them here to learn more.

This article written by Matt from http://www.golfcopywriting.com.

Jackets and Waterproof Trousers from Function 18

Are you in need of new golfing apparel for the upcoming Winter golf season? After all, if you’re a diehard golfer you can’t let a little cold weather keep you off of the golf course, can you?

That’s why I wanted to talk to you today about Function18.com, a UK-based golf apparel website that has been helping golfers look sharp on and off of the golf course for over 10 years. As a niche provider of high-quality golf apparel (carrying brands such as Galvin Green, Lyle & Scott, Hugo Boss, Ping, Nike and Adidas) they understand the needs of golfers, regardless of the elements. Also, with golf fashion making a big impact in the general fashion world, it is important that golfers be “dressed for success” whether on or off of the golf course.

Below are two great offers from Function 18:

1. Galvin Green have a great range of jackets to choose from, whether you are looking for something with wind-stopping insulation or body warming abilities. Have you ever used those little orange hand warmers in your jacket during the winter?

Imagine that feeling on your entire upper body. How great does that sound? Currently, Function 18 is offering over 20 different styles to choose from, so no matter what your preferred color and style, the Galvin Green collection from Function 18 has you covered.

2. Secondly, Function 18 is also running a special on essential waterproof trousers for winter, also made by Galvin Green. One of the main complaints of most golfers when it comes to waterproof attire is the lack of freedom of motion.

When choosing waterproof trousers, it is important to go with a proven brand that can give you the protection you need (preferably with Gore-Tex) without sacrificing any freedom of motion. With Galvin Green waterproof trousers from Function18.com, you will have great protection from the elements, as well as full range of motion to execute your shots effectively and consistently.

So what are you waiting for?

If you are in the market for new winter golf attire, and want the best pricing on the best clothing, then look no further than function18.com. Visit their website today!

2013 Masters Favorites: My Top 10 for Augusta in 2013

Once again the Masters tournament is right around the corner, so I wanted to keep up with annual tradition and write my blog post for my 2013 Masters favorites. Who are my favorites to take home the green jacket this year? Below are my top 10 picks for the 2013 Masters tournament at Augusta National.

#10: Steve Stricker

Steve is playing a very limited schedule this year, and although his game doesn’t seem to fit Augusta on the surface, he is always a factor on any course where putting is at a premium. Stricker is playing well this year even at the age of 46, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him have a great week.

#9: Adam Scott

Runner-up to Schwartzel in 2011, not to mention his heartbreaking loss to Ernie Els at the Open Championship last year. It wouldn’t surprise me to see some long putter magic from Adam Scott at Augusta (and give the USGA another ridiculous reason to ban the anchored putter). Expect him to shoot one really low round this year at the Masters & create some buzz as a top 2013 Masters favorite.

#8: Justin Rose

This is a second-shot golf course and Justin Rose is one of the best iron players in the world…put 2 & 2 together and you will see why he is one of the top players to watch for in the 2013 Masters.

#7: Brandt Snedeker

Some people may not agree with him being on this list consider he has missed his last two cuts, but I think it is justified. Brandt is the guy on tour that can get hot & make 5 or 6 twenty-foot putts in one round. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a strong week.

#6: Lee Westwood

He is always in contention at major championships, and he is probably making the turn and heading to the back 9 of his career. Westwood is a great player, and maybe this week he finally proves it with a major championship.

#5: Bubba Watson

I don’t know how Bubba will put the jacket on himself as defending champion, but I would like to see him try! Although he hasn’t been playing great coming into this year, I think Bubba can draw on all of the positive events of last year and have a great tournament.

#4: Keegan Bradley

Bradley is as long as anyone on tour, and hits a high draw with a lot of spin that is a really nice shot shape to have at Augusta National. He is really coming into his own, and has been practicing with Phil, who probably knows Augusta National better than anyone on the planet. Don’t be surprised if Keegan is wearing green come Sunday, he is certainly one of my top Masters picks for 2013.

#3: Rory McIlroy

It was challenging for me to put Rory at #3, because as talented as he is he had been struggling…Until last week in San Antonio at the Valero Texas Open. With his game, he can play B- golf and still be around on Sunday, and if he plays his A game the man in the red shirt may have something to worry about.

#2: Phil Mickelson

3 time champion, and plays well year in and year out around Augusta. Phil seems to play his best on these hallowed grounds, and don’t be shocked to see him in contention come late Sunday afternoon (Especially since he has his 8.5 degree “Frankenwood” in the bag).

#1: Tiger Woods

Last year John Daly picked Tiger to win the 2012 Masters by 5-10 shots. I think he should have saved that prediction for the 2013 Masters, because the way Tiger is playing now it could be a beat down. Could you see him going out on Thursday & Friday and posting a pair of 66’s to leave the field in the dust going into the weekend? I sure could.

These are my 2013 Masters favorites, and I encourage you to leave a comment below!

How to Rebuild Your Golf Swing After Shoulder Surgery

For older and younger golfers alike, a bad shoulder can be a significant handicap (no pun intended) on you being able to swing the golf club properly, and thus enjoy the game that you love to its fullest potential.

I want to say that I am not a physical therapist, so the following article is NOT medical advice (I encourage you to visit your doctor or therapist before performing any of exercises). I am simply revealing a few options that have worked for some people who wanted to get back to playing golf after shoulder surgery.

When it comes to rebuilding your golf swing after shoulder surgery, there are two main components that must be built: strength & range of motion. If you can build up your strength and get back any lost range of motion that you have experienced, then you will be on your way to a successful recovery from your shoulder or rotator cuff (with the part that usually needs surgery being the Labrum) injury.

How much time will it take after surgery until I can play again?

I’m not qualified to answer this question, because only your doctor knows your specific situation. However, under normal circumstances most golfers can recover from shoulder surgery and start rebuilding their golf swing within a 2-6 month window. While you should consult with your physician, coming back any sooner could increase your risk of re-injuring your shoulder.

Exercises to improve range of motion & flexibility after shoulder surgery

Some of the first exercises you may perform as part of your rehabilitation will likely include range-of-motion exercises with exercise bands. These bands are essentially big, strong rubber bands that allows you to stretch your muscles lightly and recover some of your lost range of motion.

While many golfers (especially men) find these exercises boring, they are important to the overall shoulder rebuilding process. It is important that you listen to your doctor or therapist and make sure that you do everything you can in order to work with them, because your quick and speedy recover is also in their best interest!

Exercises to get back your strength

Regaining strength in your rotator cuff after surgery can be a little more difficult, and a wide variety of workouts are used in order to accomplish this feat. Often times rebuilding strength in the shoulder will involve some light weight-lifting, as well as some yoga exercises to strengthen not only your torn shoulder, but your core as well.

Remember, it is important to listen to your therapist, and follow their advice as they have likely worked with hundreds of patients with injuries very similar to your own.

Patience is key when recovering from shoulder surgery

Rebuilding your golf swing mechanically will take care of itself with a little practice, but the keys are to make sure that your strength returns, and that you maximize your range of motion post-surgery in order to get your golf swing back to where you want it to be.

Let Michael Breed Show You How to Stop Pushing Putts

In this video, Michael Breed from The Golf Fix (on the Golf Channel) shows you how to stop pushing putts. Most amateur golfers let their hands take over on short putts, and fail to finish the stroke properly. As a result, they tend to push a large majority of their putts (especially short ones).

This video is going to give golfers of all ability levels some practical tips on how they can stop pushing putts and start shooting lower scores.